Exploring the Role of B. Pertussis in Alzheimer’s Disease

ILiAD Biotechnologies is partnered with leading scientists to investigate the relationship between B. pertussis and Alzheimer’s disease. Our peer-reviewed publication has laid the foundation for research currently underway.

Cross-sectional illustration of the human head demonstrating B. pertussis inhalation and its localization to the superior nasal cavity.

In collaboration with university researchers, ILiAD is investigating the potential for ILiAD drug candidates to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by eradicating nasopharyngeal B. pertussis colonization, and to treat neurodegenerative disease by reducing host immunopathogenic responses. As illustrated above, secreted pertussis toxin (BP toxin) from a colonizing virulent nasopharyngeal B. pertussis infection (BP) may access the CNS via the olfactory tract (black arrows) through channels in the cribriform plate, and localize to the olfactory bulb and its projections including the entorhinal cortex, hippocampus and amygdala. Early evidence suggests that pertussis toxin localization to and progression along neuroanatomic connections may lead to hallmark Alzheimer's pathology.

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