Preventing Colonization + Transmission

In a nonhuman primate (NHP) model that followed an analogous protocol from a study by FDA researchers*, NHP animals were vaccinated with a single nasal dose of BPZE1 and challenged 7 weeks later with 10 billion CFU of virulent B. pertussis. BPZE1 was demonstrated to be safe, prevented whooping cough disease, and prevented 99.9% of the B. pertussis colonization seen in non-vaccinated control animals (Locht et al. JID, June 2017).

As shown in the figure above, comparing a single dose of intranasal BPZE1 to 3 intramuscular injections of acellular vaccine (aPV), animals vaccinated with BPZE1 had 99.8% less B. pertussis colonization in their nose and nasal passages than those vaccinated with aPV, and 99.5% less colonization than those vaccinated with the older whole cell vaccine (wPV) used in developing countries.

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