B-Tech Vector Platform

The B-Tech Vector Platform is a delivery system for inducing immunologic responses against pathogens and immuno-oncology targets. The B-Tech Vector Platform has demonstrated effectiveness in 8 peer-reviewed published pre-clinical studies, inducing potent immune responses to viruses, bacteria and parasites.

“Disease X” Antigen Expressed on B-Tech Vector Surface

B-Tech Vectors are made by modifying a highly secreted B.pertussis surface protein. The target antigen is genetically added to the carrier protein DNA, and both proteins are produced and secreted in large amounts on the surface of the vector. This results in potent antigen specific mucosal and systemic immune responses to the target antigen.

Targeting Multiple Pathogens and Cancers

The B-Tech Vector Platform can be modified to express antigens from various pathogen and cancer targets.

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