Marion Molina, Ph.D.

Marion Molina, Ph.D., Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs. Marion has more than 20 years of combined biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry experience in regulatory and drug development of vaccines, biologics and small molecules. Prior to joining ILiAD Biotechnologies, Marion was a Global Regulatory Affairs Manager at CureVac Inc. for the regulatory strategy and clinical development of prophylactic and therapeutic mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases and mRNA-based technologies for molecular therapies. Marion has also worked in a Global Regulatory Affairs and Quality role for post-approval biologics at Sanofi US.

Previously, Dr. Molina held various roles in the pharmaceutical industry, including several Senior roles in Formulation, Process Development and Product Development at Nucleonics, Wyeth Animal Health, Pfizer, Pharmalucence and Cureport where she also performed as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in support to INDs, NDAs and BLAs. She also has consulted Moderna Tx advising in state-of-the-art of nucleic acid/lipid formulation, lyophilization and product stability in the dried state. Marion started her professional career in Santiago of Chile in a key quality regulatory role at the Chilean National Health Authority (Public Health Institute of Chile, ISP Chile).

Marion holds a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Colorado and a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Santiago, Chile.

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